Pax Christi!

I’m Fr Thomas Plant, an Anglican priest in Tokyo, Fellow of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism with expertise in comparative theology and Japanese Buddhism, and author of various popular articles, academic papers and books, including The Lost Way to the Good (Angelico Press, 2021).

An acolyte of Pseudo-Dionysius, of the 20th century theological ressourcement movement, and of the Inklings, I tend to focus my writing on the need to move away from the utilitarianism, relativism and materialism which constitute so much of the modern secular outlook and instead to re-enchant the cosmos. To that end, I advocate a sacramental, liturgical metaphysics which touches upon practical spiritual and political concerns.

“Reading Tom Plant’s The Lost Way to the Good is like drinking from a stream: fresh, clear, thirst-quenching.”

DR STEPHEN J. BLACKWOOD, founder of Ralston College

Thomas Plant has written a timely, profound, and trenchant work. He writes with admirable verve, eloquence, and scholarly precision: this is an important book.

DOUGLAS HEDLEY, Director of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism

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Cosmic theophany, deep magic, true myth, re-enchantment. Notes on Christian Platonism, comparative theology, and religion in Japan, from the Rev'd Dr Thomas Plant, an Anglican priest in Tokyo.


Fr Thomas Plant

Anglican priest in Tokyo. Fellow, Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism. Sometime student of Shin Buddhism. Author of "The Lost Way to the Good" (Angelico Press, 2021). Into Aikido. Plays piano (esp blues and Klezmer) and shakuhachi.